Manicure 6pcs Sets - Fashion

Manicure Sets

Manicure 6pcs Sets - Fashion

  • $9.90

Design: Fashion
Material: Metal
The 6 pieces nail clippers, pedicure and manicure set come in a uniquely designed PVC pouch case

Set comprises:
• Nail Clipper
• Toe-Nail Clipper
• Multi-purpose Scissors
• Tweezers
• Nail File
• Ear Pick

The perfect manicure set with everything you need to keep your fingernails looking nice and fresh. With this 6-piece set, you can cut, sand, pick, clip and shape your nails just about any way you want. The case is built to last and hold your pieces in-place.

Pouch Closed Size = 6.7cm x 10.2cm
Pouch Opened Size = 23cm x 10.2cm